About Us

Genius Term Inc is a full-service web design & online marketing company based in New York City

It’s no doubt that to succeed in the present business world, small companies need to make their online presence in high priority. So, having a responsive website is an effective part of engaging site visitors into your business and changing them as customers. A functional website that represents your business principle is your best sales tool and a bad website can damage reputation and sales.

Genius Term Inc. is a New York based digital internet marketing company offering a full range of Website Design & Development Services, Social Media Marketing Services, Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO Services, Pay per Click, Content Marketing Services and more. You can take all these web design services in  our company without wasting weeks or even months of researching to find web designers, website developers, website domain & hosting, online marketing, SEO experts, logo designers, link builders, Blog writers in several web design companies.

Our aim is not only just building a pretty responsive website, but also create a high-converting website that grows your business beyond your competitors and  increases your brand, leads, sales and income. We believe that if we make your online business so successful, you will stay with us for years to come and refer us to your friends.

We have brought a team of award winner experts to provide customers with a customized fit to their varying needs whether it may be Online Business Consulting, Planning and Marketing to express their individual vision in a fresh, innovative, and compelling way, resulting in a solid and well established online presence in today’s technology driven society.

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Our core services

Website Design & Development
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Local SEO Services
Pay Per Click
Content Marketing

Know about our web design & online marketing services before running your business

Website Design & Development Services

Our website design and development process starts by getting deep understanding of the visitors who will visit your site. There is a big difference between good and bad design. Many visitors can judge a good design, but they don’t know how makes the difference. Only designers know that. Understanding this fact allows us to organize the content and the functionality of your website so that we can strike a balance between clean design and rich content.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing is now an essential part of your business success than ever. Today, your customers can reach one-on-one with your business and they can discuss about you with each other. So, you need to be engaged with conversation. At Genius Term, we love to find us as your social media trainer. We can build your social media presence, make your audience and spread your message.

Search Engine Optimization

A good website without search engine optimization is like an apartment in the deep jungle. It may has great value, but people does not go to see that.Our SEO experts work smartly for maximizing the number of qualified customers by search engines. As we are one of the best search engine optimization agencies, we are experienced and knowledgeable to help obtaining and maintaining of top rankings for keywords that will generate more  leads and sales for your business.

Local SEO Services

Search engines need to have information of your business nature and location. Our local search ranking method gets this job done. We provide information to search engines understanding your business and your targeted field.


Pay-Per-Click is the excellent marketing method to reach your business goal. It gives quick and clear Results that you can look just about everything.  You also know about searcher’s interest of your product or services that you are selling online.By partnering with us, you will receive skilled digital marketing advisors who serve as leader of your internal marketing team to gain expected result.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the long-term technique that creates strong relationship between your business and target visitors by giving them high-quality attractive and off course relevant content that converts them from visitor to buyer.Our expert writers, designers and media specialists are dedicated to support our clients by creating content and applying content marketing strategy to achieve rank to the largest media distribution network in the online marketing world.Contact us today to get information how Genius Term can take your website results to the next level.