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Genius Term is devoted to deliver stunning designs that bring your audience to your business delivering solid conversion

Web designing should be done with your targets audience in mind. Contemporary web development is more than just creating an appealing site. There are different considerations made including search engine optimization, user experience, technical details, ease of use among others. These elements must be incorporated in the development process in order for it to have an edge in the modern competitive market.

Our Company

We are web design and Development Company motivated to help all our clients achieve their goals in an effective manner. We strongly believe in high ROI, high quality site traffic and generating significant leads. Our team has high level expertise that can help boost the performance of your online business. We offer high quality eCommerce solutions and WordPress sites. All our services are focused on responsive web design and usability. In addition, we provide great branding solutions that bring in personality into your business. Regardless of the kind of website you need for your online business, our team of experts offer you the right solution.

Website design and development services we offer

We offer wide range of services all geared towards helping your online business attain the set goals fast and in an efficient manner. Here are some of the website design and development services we offer.

Website designing

Website design trends are changing at a high rate in the modern times. For your website to remain relevant,it has to move with the trends. We can help your site keep up with the rapid changes occurring in the industry. Our great reputation comes from the fact that we are always ahead of the emerging trends to offer you high quality web design. It does not matter whether your website requires to be improved or want to build one from scratch, we can help.

Our experts will help design a fully functional and high responsive website that works perfectly for your brand.

Our company helps bring in a new life in your business online presence and offer your targets a unique experience and keep on coming back to the site. We help create sleek, clean and fully customized designs. We combine elegance and usability to make your site more functional. All the sites we develop are highly responsive, meaning they work perfectly regardless of the device used. The website designs adjust depending on the devices used by your users. Some of the websites we help design include small business sites, lead generation websites, mobile websites, E commerce websites, CMS websites and others.

Web hosting

Website hosting is a key determinant on how it will perform in the market. This is why we help host your website on our highly secured servers. Our professionals monitor and maintain your site on 24/7 basis. This ensures that your site does not experience down time, making it friendly to all users.

Offer free tools

In all the websites developed, we integrate thousands of tools that enhance usability. We include plug-ins,software tools and other features for free to our clients.

Search Engine Optimization

In our company, we have experts in search engine optimization. Our optimization services ensure that your website stay at the top of the major search results and attract qualified traffic.

Consultation services

As a top website design and development company, we offer consultation services to help improve your site performance. Our team assists understand what is required to optimize your site content and design. We assess your website to determine its conversion rate, usability and entire performance. This helps us come up with substantive recommendations that help boost traffic and retention of those who visit your website. We assist in: designing of landing page, conversion optimization, SEO, content creation,programming and others.

Web analytics

We are professionals in web analytics. This helps us give you a clear view of how your website is performing.We also analyze individual pages to determine what need to be changed to enhance performance. The analytics also helps show how the different pages perform after the right changes are made.For all your website design  and development, contact us any time. We shall help you by offering right website development solutions that will take your online business to the next level and attain the set goals fast.